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All three were lightened with the same lightener.

  • Natural light I worked with 20vol(6%), and I was delighted with lighting.
  • Natural dark as you can see hair lifted perfectly, but after 30 min of reapplication I got even cleaner results than in the picture .
  • Previously colored model the new growths that I lightened was natural but notice how orange and brassy are the ends of the same section? That’s the reason why I will need multiple sessions to get to a bright blonde. I start using these photos to educate my clients when they think everything is possible in only one session.

MY ADVICE for natural light use lower peroxide( 10/20vol max) and work clean sections, for natural dark usually I do a second application for extra 30min and in usually work with 20/30vol and for previously colored TEST STRAND Just take a couple of sections in the back bleach it and leave it for 1 hour after that show to your client what she can get in one session, don’t take me wrong it’s not that we don’t want to create most Perfect color on every our client it’s just that not all situations are the same!!

Raise your hand 🖐🏽if you agree with me? ❤️