SPECIAL PRICE: Alennmj Collection – Board + Black Jeans Apron

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Alennmj’s Boards

  • Alennmj boards are made 100% from cottonwood.
  • Nice things is that they are light and easy to use and only 192g/0,42p both of our boards.
  • We created them in two different sizes short and long.
  • What’s make us really proud is the fact that they are HANDMADE.

We really hope you will enjoy our boards to create most beautiful color techniques on your clients. It’s personally our first creation that’s why we are hoping in your positive feedback.

Board size

Long: 55/14 cm
Short: 28/14 cm


Black Jeans Aprons – Alennmj Collection

  • All of our aprons are custom sewed and made of 100% Italian denim.
  • This garment was cut, sewn, and pigment died in the Bosnia. Pigment dying is a technique used a create a vintage, lived in look.
  • You can customize your own logo in two different colors black and blue jeans.
  • They are made with love  specially for hairstylists to share their creativity.

We hope you enjoy this specialty crafted garment.

Weight 900 g