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So many times I get the question of what’s the best powder to get the highest and cleaner result and my answer is over and over again the same Clean and transparent section. The absolutely quality product is most as same hair protection but to get maximum results here is the answer. As you can see left section is so thick no matter how strong peroxide we can use or the best powder of the world or we can keep it for 2 hours and re-apply the product but we will never reach a maximum of the result because of the thickness of the section. And the right section is perfectly transparent and tinny ( even a little bit too much for this photo 😅) section which allowed us to get to the maximum level of bleaching process with a minimum volume even, for example, 9vol(2.7%) or lower in a minimum of time. The point of the whole story is, if you can not read the newspaper 📰 through your section it means that your section is too thick and you will not reach the maximum of the result. I always had problems to explain it.