Alennmj’s Board + Alennmj x Veil Babylights comb


  • Alennmj boards are made 100% from cottonwood.
  • Nice things is that they are light and easy to use and only 192g/0,42p both of our boards.
  • We created them in two different sizes short and long.
  • What’s make us really proud is the fact that they are HANDMADE.
We really hope you will enjoy our boards to create most beautiful color techniques on your clients. It’s personally our first creation that’s why we are hoping in your positive feedback.

Board size

Long: 55/14 cm Short: 28/14 cm

In stock

PREMIUM needle handle comb. NEW DEVELOPMENT from VEIL ideal for Highlights, Board Balayage techniques, Airtouch, Freehand Balayage. It help us to choose the right section for every results that we are looking for. Anti-static professional comb for professionals, topping teeth for mottling and colouring. Incredibly light and easy to use. Pay attention on quantity of the section to reach desired results. Make everything faster and easier and super comfortable to work in a team. VEIL'S NEW DEVELOPMENT reduces working hours when making highlights

  • The comb glides gently through the hair
  • High-quality sawn and finely ground teeth, rounded, burr-free tooth tips and flanks
  • Resistant to all hair treatment and care products and is heat-resistant
  • Material absolutely hair and scalp friendly

In stock