LIMITED EDITION: Alennmj’s Black/Gold Lion Boards (( NEW )) + Alennmj TT comb


New LIMITED EDITION Alennmj boards

  • 100% Handmade
  • First class wood
  • 2 different sizes
  • 6 different models
  • Special fragrance
  • Special package
  • Stains free
  • Elastic material
  • Perfect for every type of foils
  • Ultra light

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Alennmj TT carbon handle comb. NEW DEVELOPMENT from Alennmj ideal for Highlights, Board Balayage techniques, Airtouch, Freehand Balayage. It helps us to create perfect teasing in every type of hair . Anti-static professional comb for professionals, large teeth for teasing and toning . Incredibly light and easy to use. Pay attention to the quantity of the section to reach desired results. Make everything faster and easier and super comfortable to work in a team. Akennmj's TT  NEW DEVELOPMENT reduces stress and pain when teasing and toning the har.

  • The comb glides gently through the hair
  • High-quality carbon  large teeth comb
  • Resistant to all hair treatment and care products and is heat-resistant
  • Material absolutely hair and scalp friendly

In stock